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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am very excited to be 40. This year is going to be so AWESOME. I am also very excited about this years relay. My goal is to beat Job Corp. Have the best team ever and to kick some cancer butt. This year I am relaying in honor of my sister,Crystal, who is a suvivior of Cervical cancer. I am married to Marty Lee (Bubba) we have 3 children together and I have a son Ryan from a previous marriage. Ryan is 18, Cameron is 10, Jaycee is 3, and Macey is 3. Boy what a handful, but we love it. I work with special needs at the Guthrie Transportion. Plus I teach the 3 year old program at the Guthrie Christian School. I love my jobs.


OUTSIDE MY WINDOW......There is so much snow that everything has been shut down for day two. The kids and Bubba have loved playing in it.

THINGS WITH ME....I have had loads going on with me. I went to the doctor two weeks age tommorrow to find out I may have cancer of the breast. Which we believe is of if God needs to me have it. I also have very low iron and no B12. So I am taking two iron pills and two b12 pills til I see doctor again.

CAMERON....Cameron got to go to the movies for his reading. He is in the top of his class. This is awesome to me. I am so glad he is a reader.

JAYCEE....Jaycee is as crazy as ever. She has so much energy that it wears me out to watch her. She is doing good in school and seems to like to go.

MACEY.....Macey is a hand full and a half. She is a Ms. Smarty pants. I really don't know where she comes up with some of this crap.

BUBBA....He drives me over board I wish he would quit dipping, but nothing I do or say helps him with that. He has been working a lot and closer to home. But this week he is out with the rest of us.

I am ending this blog and going to start a new one. I had a great year of Forty. I didnt get to finish my list but will make one for fifty. Hope all are blessed and had a great year also.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 January 2011

Well I have decided that I am not very good at trying to blog. I am not a computer person like most and really need to be. I think I may have to try that for 2011. I haven't posted since October. I have a lot to catch up on so I can have this up to date for my birthday.

October was a great month we started back with the relay for life. I love this so much it is my life. I work hard at this so one day my kids won't have to sit at the desk of a doctor and hear the words "you have cancer". I really don't like cancer,but I also know it will be okay someday because we have an awesome God.
We had Halloween with the girls being Princess and the Frog and Cameron was ninja. We went uptown to trick or treat then home. We didn't do the house to house cuz we got so much candy.

November Bubba and I celebrated our thirteenth anniversary. We went to the club and watched the OU and OSU game. OU won this game. We had a good night with friends. We worked a lot and had some really good family times. Everyone came to Dad and Deb's for Thanksgiving day. We went around the room to say what we are thankful for....Brothers was the best he said he was thankful to be free and so many days sober. I thought we was all going to cry. It is so great to hear that from him. The day after Thanksgiving we went on our shopping day. We had loads of fun and was very tired. Katie got to experience this with us. When we came home Katie had a great idea to work on quilts. We made one whole quilt and part of another. We also decided to give all the Duck's a quilt for Christmas and my brother and sisters. Katie and I have lots of fun doing this together and sometimes Stacy comes to help with it.

December was a rough month. We made it through it though. We had lots of things to do and lots of people over. Katie and I got all the quilts finished and time to spare. We put up the tree and Bubba even put lights up outside. Cameron got a new outside decoration to start us off, some little present boxes that light up. Cameron wants to start doing the outside now that we live in town for everyone to see. Took the girls to see Santa and they tell him they want a pink computer. Well Santa had to get his stuff together and find a pink computer. Oh the fun of Santa.
Cameron had a rough month also. Came home one afternoon to find his puppy that we have had forever had passed away. So we had to call Aunt Stacy to bring us a shovel. Daddy and him had to bury Domino. Sad days. Then a week later we came home to a aweful smell in the house to find his gecko lizard had passed away now. Here we go again Daddy and Cameron had to bury Chloe.
For Christmas Bubba took Cameron to the mall to buy a new pet. It's a salamander thing that lives in the water. He calls it Sam. Oh the fun of these yuky things. I don't like any of these things.
Overall with all the rough spots I think December turned out to be okay. We had all the Ducks over for dinner and presents. Steve made me a circle box made out of wood. Everyone loved their quilts. We made the boys a fleece tie blanket and they loved them too. Crystal cried when I gave her the quilt we made her. It was the one we started after Gramma Goad passed away. It is made out of three of her shirts. I also used pieces of it for Stacy and Jakes. They all loved their quilts too.
Now to the new year and it will have to jbe a new post cuz I am ready to work on something different. Have a great day friends.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The American Cancer Society - 2011 Relay For Life of Logan County OK:

The American Cancer Society - 2011 Relay For Life of Logan County OK:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW....It is raining and has been all day. There is more to come tomorrow too.

TAMMY'S FORTY LIST....I get to mark another off my list today. Bubba was home and we got to dance in the rain. We danced to I need you now by Lady Antebellum. It was well worth getting wet for. Cuz if you know me I don't like getting wet. Bare foot dancin in the rain is amazing.

BUBBA....Didn't work today because of all the rain.So he made stew for dinner. It was very good. We all got to have dinner together at the table.

Quote....When all else is lost...dance to make your heart sing and fill the darkness around you.

RELAY....We are in the process of collecting t-shirts to make quilts for Relay. we are going to make a OU, a OSU, and a Bluejay one. We are hoping to get ahead of the game on fundraising. Can't wait to see what happens. Katie and I have joined the committee this year and will have a team. We will do this forever if we have to or til they find a cure. CANCER SUCKS!

Well not much new going on. Hope this finds you all blessed. Have a great night.

Monday, September 6, 2010

If I can ever stay up to date with this it would be amazing. I have been very busy with school and work. Then Bubba did something to the computer and it erased all my Favorites list. We still don't know what happened.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW....It is a very nice day out today. The sun is shining and it's not to hot either. The wind is blowing and we are waiting for the rain that they have said we would get.

SCHOOL FOR THE KIDS....We have had our ups and downs with the girls at school. Yellow and green lights. They are doing okay for being in school 11 days. They are not use to the structure that public school has. But they are getting there. Learning lots of new things with nursery rhymns and things. They love going to school too.
Cameron has had a few rough spots to work through too. He got beat up on the playground by two boys Shorty and Colvin. So I am in the process of getting that worked out. Crazy things. He is loving band. Doing good with this new sixth grade thing of changing classes. So far good reports. He got his scores back from last year test. He is in the top of the scores all the way across. I am so proud. His one down fall at school is friends and he says he has none. That tugs at my heart. I don't know what to say to help the matter. I just pray for God to be able to help him.
I am loving the bus. It is a long route,but it is fun. My kids are awesome. We got a few new ones this year. One is a six year old with brain cancer. I just feel a freat tug for him. One day he tells us as we are driving down the road..You two girls are a piece of cake. Tammy and me about died. We have great adventures on the bus.

TAMMY NEW THINGS....I got another tattoo. This time on my left foot. It is in chinese and says walk in truth. It wasn't too bad. Seth held my hand while Katie took pics,Bubba made fun of me and Denise talked me through it. Oh Brandon did the tattoo. Now I want another. I got it on the 21st of August.

BUBBA....Has been working a lot and is finally a little closer to home. He got a new tattoo on the 4th of September it is a OU one. Still working on the one on his arm. Today Bubba is out dove hunting with the DUCKS. Had to get up at 4am to go meet them.This is what he likes to do and this is a good group to do it with.
Today Bubba turned 35 years old. Wow its amazing.

Well enough for the day hope this finds you all blessed.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW....It's raining and thundering. It is much needed rain. I'm not a rain girl, but we do need some it has been dry.

CAMERON TURNS ELEVEN....On Friday the 13th Cameron turned 11. We went out for dinner then tried to go to Frontier City,but it closed earlly cuz of school hours. It's still summer what the heck. So we went shopping at Wal-mart. Then came home for Brise to stay the night. On Saturday we got up to go to the mall. Everyone ate at the mall and got to eat what they wanted. Went to visit the Disney store then off to get cookies and Cameron's cookie cake. WE had his party at 6 and had a great time. Then we ordered pizza for dinner. No bed til 1am. It was a good birthday if I say so myself.

BUBBA AND BRANDON....They set up a table in the front room. This is to play beer pong. We heard all kinds of stories and learned lots of new things.

JAYCEE AND MACEY....They are into asking where did you get that all the time. So we have been telling them at the gettin place. So they ask where did you get brothers cookie at? Macey says oh at the getting place. Then papa asks Jaycee if he can take out her staples with his knife. She says no I am keeping them in for a long long time Papa. Crack me up. What is she going to do when the doctor takes them out on Tuesday.

I have been feeling very blessed. I have spent so much time with my best friend and her family it has been great. I am loving the new house and the times we are having in it. Hope this finds you blessed.